Meet our Team

Although our sign proclaims dentistry, we are really in the people business. We have an uncompromising commitment to the patient first. This concept guides the design, implementation and evaluation of all procedures and conducts whether administrative or clinical. Our goal is simple . . . It is to provide professional dental care services of the highest quality with the utmost compassion.

Our goal is EXCELLENCE! To achieve this goal, it is necessary for all individuals to be part of the team and for each team member to agree to maintain dependability, integrity, responsibility and pride. Each individual is as important as the other; each job is as necessary as the other job. Cooperative team support will enable us to successfully attain our goal.

We pledge to be kind, sympathetic and understanding to our patients and to each other. We will be alert to patient and employee dissatisfaction and respond appropriately. We will be committed to open communication and positive relationships. Most importantly we will enjoy what we do, whom we work with and the patients we care for.


Gordon - Dental Hygienist

Gordon is a 2003 graduate of the Indiana University School of Dentistry dental hygiene program. He was a frequent visitor to the deans' list but not so frequent as to wear out his welcome.

Gordon grew up outside of Chicago but has also lived in Atlanta, Georgia prior to moving to his family’s native Indiana. He has lived here for the last 26 years.

Gordon is married with two children, and too many cats. He has also been a loyal employee for the past seven years.