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Smilers Clear Aligners

What is invisible orthodontics? Oral infections don’t just stay in your mouth, they can affect the whole body. Using Smilers® Clear Aligners for orthodontic treatments makes daily oral hygiene easier, which is better for overall health. Dentofacial orthopedics is not only “the art of straightening crooked teeth", It is also a preventive measure that provides you with working…
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Dental Insurance, is it keeping up with the Times?

In the early seventies, most Dental Insurance Plans covered $1000.00 to $1500.00 of dental work per year, per person, and the employer was paying all of the premiums. In 1972 crowns cost around $400.00 each and the insurance paid 80%, a patient could get 3 to 4 crowns, some fillings and 2 cleanings done and…
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Embarrassed About Your Breath?

Unpleasant breath odor is not something anyone wants to have! We’re all probably a little self-conscious about our breath, aren’t we? Especially after a meal full of garlic or onions! But that’s temporary bad breath. Let’s talk about chronic, persistent oral malodor. So what causes it? And better yet, how do you get rid of…
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