Smilers Clear Aligners

What is invisible orthodontics?

Oral infections don’t just stay in your mouth, they can affect the whole body. Using Smilers® Clear Aligners for orthodontic treatments makes daily oral hygiene easier, which is better for overall health. Dentofacial orthopedics is not only “the art of straightening crooked teeth", It is also a preventive measure that provides you with working teeth throughout life.

How does it work?

Once you’ve had your initial Smilers® appointment with us at Garvin Dentistry, and we have confirmed that orthodontic treatment with aligners is possible in your case, the physical or digital impression of your teeth is sent to Smilers®.

Your treatment plan will be drawn up by Dr. Garvin working in partnership with the Smilers® orthodontists. Thanks to this combined expertise, the treatment provided is personalized and tailored to your morphology.

Every step of the teeth alignment scenario is put together, with a clear aligner corresponding to each step. Each step corresponds to a clear aligner, which applies gentle mechanical forces to move your teeth.

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