I have a high level of dental anxiety so going to the dentist is the last thing I want to do. Having moved to Carmel from Nashville, TN in late 2012 I had put off finding a few dentist for awhile. I knew every day that I needed to find a new dentist before I had any teeth issues. I asked around at work for suggestions and a few recommended Dr Garvin. I reluctantly made an appt and went in Aug of 2013. It had been 13 months since my last appt so I was very, very nervous about what they would find. I told them up front that I have had panic attacks before during visits, they were very understanding and talked me through every thing they did. My anxiety did not fully go away but it was definitely scaled back quite a bit. I came out of the appt with a better feeling about my future visits with Garvin Dentistry, plus I had no cavities! The staff was very polite and accommodating with my anxiety. Thanks to Dr Garvin and her team!

Kacie Charisse, Environmental manager