Dental Insurance, is it keeping up with the Times?

In the early seventies, most Dental Insurance Plans covered $1000.00 to $1500.00 of dental work per year, per person, and the employer was paying all of the premiums. In 1972 crowns cost around $400.00 each and the insurance paid 80%, a patient could get 3 to 4 crowns, some fillings and 2 cleanings done and have money left over. Fast forward 45 years and most dental plans still pay $1000.00 to $1500.00 annually in dental benefits per person while the percentages they pay have decreased dramatically. The cost that the patient has to pay for premiums have also increased substantially. The cost of crowns have risen from about $400.00 each in 1972 to almost $1200.00 per crown in 2017 and the insurance normally covers 50% or less. If a patient needs 1-2 crowns in a year their insurance benefits could easily be wiped out for the entire year. Consider this comparison with car insurance, in 1972 few cars cost more than $6000.00 and that is what your car insurance would pay if you totaled your car. If auto insurance stayed the same as dental insurance has, they would only cover a bumper or a fender repair in today’s car.

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