Embarrassed About Your Breath?

Unpleasant breath odor is not something anyone wants to have! We’re all probably a little self-conscious about our breath, aren’t we? Especially after a meal full of garlic or onions! But that’s temporary bad breath. Let’s talk about chronic, persistent oral malodor. So what causes it? And better yet, how do you get rid of it! Well, there are several things that could be causing persistent breath odor. Some are dental/oral related and surprisingly, some are not. Some non-oral causes are Systemic diseases, medications, and low-carb diets.

But let’s start with the obvious oral-related ones:
Gum disease, cavities, plaque on your tongue and between your teeth, and tonsil stones. To combat these start with twice daily brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning to remove bacteria from your teeth and tongue; and keep up with regular dental visits so any cavities or gum disease can be detected and treated early. For longer reduction of odor try a product that contains zinc, chlorine dioxide or essential oils. Adding any one of these ingredients will provide several hours of odor reduction. Combinations of two of these ingredients will work even better. For specific product recommendations for your needs be sure to ask us at your next appointment!

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