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Patient Education

At Garvin Dentistry we strive to educate our patients on all aspects of dental related issues. We will fully educate you to every procedure we intend to do and answer all the questions you have. We want you be as informed about the procedure as possible as can be.
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Tooth decay is the destruction of tooth structure and can affect both the enamel (the outer coating of the tooth) and the dentin layer of the tooth. Tooth decay occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches), such as breads, cereals, milk, soda, fruits, cakes, or candy are left on the teeth. Bacteria that live…
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Dentures – Complete and Partials

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Two types of dentures are available - complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. Complete Dentures Complete dentures can be either "conventional" or "immediate." Made after…
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